Coverbase help corporate to adopt ESG & SDG

Coverbase help corporate to create value with ESG & SDG.

ESG – Environment, Social, Governance


  • Environment – Paperless workflow reduce carbon emission
  • Social – Online model enable friendly working environment
  • Governance – Data centralization promote transparency

SDG – Sustainable Development Goals


1. No poverty

  • Equal rights to ownership, basic services, technology & economic resources
  • Coverbase provide community account for free services

8. Decent work and economic growth

  • Diversify, innovate & upgrade for economic productivity
  • Coverbase increase business productivity with fintech

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

  • Increase access to financial services & markets
  • Coverbase provide innovate fintech solution for the insurance industry

13. Climate action

  • Implement the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
  • Coverbase paperless system reduce carbon emission in daily operation

17. Partnerships for the goals

  • Knowledge sharing & cooperation for access to science, technology & innovation
  • Coverbase make partnership with corporate, organization and university

Coverbase ESG SDG Friendly Certificate

Coverbase user can apply Friendly Certificate.

Online Application  :



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